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Confidentiality / Privacy Policy

We collect information from you when you purchase products to enable us to process your order and also to be able to get in touch with you in the rare event of any problems. We shall not knowingly disclose this information to any third party.

More concerning our use of data, and what we do with that data is declared in the section below - Use of data.

Use of data

We need to obtain enough information to be able to invoice our customers and send these invoices either via mail or post.

Without the ability to invoice and speak to our customers to answer questions and provide support we cannot operate our business or trade.

Customer information is held within Zero. This software is supplied by Zero. Customer data to be entered into Zero is received by phone or by email or through the website.

Customer information contains the following fields, Name, First line address, Second line address, Third line address, Town, County, Postcode.

We also hold telephone numbers and email addresses because we need to communicate with our customers.

We also sometimes need to send notifications and contact our customers to issue important or essential information which relate to the bookings they have with us.

We respond to support either by email or by phone or both.

At this time as a matter of policy, we do not engage in direct marketing, nor do we mail shot our clients. 


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